Apartment Living

There are two types of people in this world – those that love living in the city and those that don’t know what they’re missing!

City living is a 24/7 experience. It’s for those that love convenience – that love getting out and getting involved. It’s ideal for people that enjoy culture, activities and events, that love being on the go!

Toronto is ideal for all of these things. There is an enormous rental market in Toronto, and renting an apartment in downtown Toronto is quite advantageous. It can allow you to access an area where real estate may be too expensive to buy, enabling you to put your extra income towards enjoying the city instead of just paying to live in it. There is also the added convenience of low-maintenance living so that you’ve got more time to enjoy the city and no wasted time for home maintenance and repairs. It also offers you the ideal amount of space, so that you can have a home that reflects your needs – and easily change as your needs change – whether you’re single, have a growing family or just want to live with friends.

Downtown Toronto is huge – there are numerous micro-communities to live in, but most will put you at easy access to any part of the downtown core. Walking and biking are a great way to get around the city, especially in nice weather, but cab rides become built into the budget too. It tends to be far more economical to budget for a few cab ides a week than to pay for a parking spot, car, insurance, gas, repairs, regular maintenance and then parking at your destination too. Never mind the constant parking restrictions – everyone has a horror story or two about losing track of time and returning to see their cars being towed away so that rush hour traffic can take over all lanes.

But the utmost in convenience is living on the subway line. Fast travel along the Bloor/Danforth line connects the city from east to west – McCowan to Kipling, while the Yonge/University/Spadina line runs from Union Station on Front Street up to the Northern edges of the city.

The Annex, centred around Bloor Street from Spadina to Bathurst, is a well-loved community. Right on the Bloor line, both Spadina Station and Bathurst Station make it easy to travel east and west across the city – or bus and streetcar it north/south. From the Yonge/University/Spadina line at Spadina Station, crosstown travel is quick and easy.

The Annex is a gorgeous community, the sidestreets lined with lovingly maintained Victorian homes. Trees are large and lush, well-maniucred landscaping the hallmark of communities within the area. It’s a bit alternative, a bit funky and a bit academic, with the university located at the south-eastern region. Large parks and playgrounds are scattered through, giving a community feel, whether walking a dog, a stroller or just solo! Too much nightlife to resist, there is always a band, a bar, a gallery – a reason to get out alone or with friends and enjoy. From fine dining to fast food, there are eateries open late into the night so choice abounds nearly every waking hour – even for night owls. It’s a trendy destination for suburbanites, but the urbanites own this community. Maple Leaf offers the ideal opportunity to make The Annex your next home. Located at 7 Walmer Road, the stylish building is well maintained and features exercise facilities – complete with saunas, and an onsite convenience store.

Yonge Street is really the heart of Toronto, and the crossroads of Yonge and Bloor are as downtown as downtown gets. This intersection is also where the north/south and the east/west subway lines cross over, giving area residents the advantage of indoor underground transportation – fast mass transit that goes in all directions. Toronto is built on a grid, making it easy to get around, and there’s nothing faster than the subway.

The cachet of Yonge and Bloor is in Yorkville, where opulence and luxury know no bounds. Whether it’s a little bit of pampering, some brand-name shopping or some stylish five-star dining, you’ll be indulged in Toronto’s Mink Mile. But the area isn’t restricted to the rich and famous, the area is a cross-section of a bit of everything. Having transformed from a tourist trap to a slick city stroll, there are a wide variety of great stores that cater to all budgets, where stylish shopping meets creative cuisine. Some a little more refined, others a bit more rough around the edges – that’s the wonderful thing about renting an apartment in Toronto – the variety and seemingly limitless options. Maple Leaf Property Management offers a great community nestled into the area – 88 Bloor St. E. – an address of prestige, with homes that offer abundant comforts including onsite security and the Bloor Park Club.

Further down the line, at Yonge and Gerard, closer to the Eaton Centre, the Pantages Theatre, Ryerson College and City Hall, there is more packed in, more options, more nightlife, more office buildings – more alternatives and options.

As the pavement takes over and buildings get taller, the city gets even busier and denser. It’s a pulse that urbanites thrive upon! Finding a community where you can live, work – and play – means you spend more of your time living and less of your time in transit. It’s easy to make last-minute plans because there’s no travel time involved. It’s easy to get up and go, because it’s not a whole-day commitment of traveling into the city to get where you want to go.

The urban lifestyle is utter convenience and can be packed with as much action and activity as you can handle. The square at Yonge and Dundas hosts concerts and festivals all summer long, Yonge Street sees numerous parades – from Santa to Pride, it brings everyone out, engages the community. Buskers along the main street make for an ever-changing landscape of art and music, and bumping into friends and acquaintances is a regular occurrence. You can take it all in while living in the comforts and quality provided by Maple Leaf Property Management at 40 Gerrard St., a stunning highrise with spacious, air-conditioned apartments, gorgeous private grounds and an indoor pool.

The best way to take advantage of all the city has to offer is to rent the perfect apartment. The right home is the perfect refuge, where the city stops at your doorstep and your personal sanctuary provides a tranquil and comfortable place to call home.

For those that love being near all the city has to offer, but need a slower pace, Maple Leaf Property Management also offers an ideal community at Sheppard and Kennedy. This east-end community is surrounded by urban convenience and provides and easy commute, but enjoys a more suburban location. With the same exceptional quality invested into all communities managed by Maple Leaf Property Management, the options are hard to resist!